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Margery Nash, H&R Block Tax Preparation of Lebanon, NJ, Tax Preparer and Enrolled Agent

Margery Nash

H&R Tax Preparation of Lebanon, NJ

1243 US Highway 22 East, PO Box 41 |Lebanon, NJ 08833

(908) 840-4655 (Office)
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CBG Member since 2016

Meeting Your Tax Preparation Challenges

Do you have a challenging tax issue? Are you wondering about the tax implications of a financial decision and don’t know where to turn? H&R Block Tax Preparation of Lebanon, NJ can help! We are open year round!

Margery Nash’s Story

Margery is the President of the Clinton Business Group, representing her company, H&R Block Tax Preparation of Lebanon, NJ. Margery didn’t plan on becoming an income tax preparer, but one January she went to work in the family business and never stopped. Now, 11 years later, she is co-franchisee of the H&R Block Office in Lebanon, NJ and loves it.

H&R Block Is Open Year Round

Margery’s office offers income tax preparation services for individuals, small business owners, estates and trusts. Because tax preparation is not a once-a-year event or a one-size-fits-all formula, Margery’s office is open year round and she and her staff are available to help clients identify the tax implications of their financial decisions and make adjustments accordingly.

Enrolled Agent Status

In addition to offering tax preparation services, Margery is an Enrolled Agent certified by the Internal Revenue Service in 2015. In this capacity, Margery is authorized to represent clients in tax audits or other income tax-related situations. Her Enrolled Agent certification requires that Margery complete a minimum of 24 hours of continued education classes each year, which helps her keep abreast of the latest changes in federal and state tax codes.

Personalized Tax Preparation and Related Services

With this training and her understanding of the issues that most trouble her clients, Margery is able to provide personalized services relating to her clients’ tax matters. Margery understands the tax implications of financial decisions that financial advisors and attorneys may overlook and, working in partnership with these professionals, can provide clients with comprehensive solutions to their financial needs. In this regard, H&R Block in Lebanon can be compared to a local, skilled income tax preparer and tax specialist rather than a franchised business – the service is that personalized!

Tax Challenges Accepted

Margery enjoys the challenge of resolving tax issues and working with a variety of clients – individuals with a range of incomes and tax complexities; small business owners working to manage a business while simultaneously financing their own retirement plans; landlords who need technical guidance for calculating depreciation costs and keeping track of expenses; as well as estates and trusts.
The work is challenging and, at times, stressful, particularly during the high-volume tax season. To relieve this stress, Margery enjoys yoga, camping and time with her rescue dog Chloe.
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Margery and her staff welcome the opportunity to help you with your income tax preparation or questions relating to the tax implications of your financial decisions. Contact Margery at [email protected]